Friday, 30 June 2006

So I wasn't rejected?

So I wasn't rejected?
I'm a bit confused now. I spoke to the Captain today, and he said something rather interesting. He had spoken to his friend on the board, and he said there's good news and bad news. He said I wasn't a non-select, but they never received my package. So.....where my recruiter got this rather extensive information about me being rejected, and the reason for it, is a mystery.

I asked the Captain, quite innocently, "Why would Petty Officer ______ tell me I was a non-select then?" The Captain said something along the lines of, "I've got news for you. This is the Navy. Stuff like this happens." He mentioned that my recruiter was simply a First Class Petty Officer, so they may have told him this, while the real story is something else. This is one possibility.

The other is that my recruiter flat-out lied to me, telling me I was a non-select (when they never even received my package), then making up the reasoning behind my non-selection. Though why he'd lie like this is a total mystery. Why the Navy would tell him this info doesn't make sense either. The Captain seemed like he wanted to resolve this situation (perhaps he'll take an even more active role), and we'll be meeting Wednesday, July 5th. So I suppose I might not need to retake the ASTB, after all. This whole situation is very odd.

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